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Shining Brighter, Sustaining Longer

Explore how Star Goldfields Ltd. harnesses innovative practices and responsible mining to ensure enduring prosperity and environmental care.

Advancing Responsible Gold Mining for Sustainable Prosperity

Star Goldfields Ltd. is dedicated to the principles of responsible gold mining and is committed to providing attractive returns to our shareholders. As the owner and operator of enduring gold mines, we are focused on evolving these assets into premier, sustainable gold production sites with competitive All in Sustaining Costs.

At the core of our operations lie growth, sustainable development, and transparency. These values guide our business practices, ensuring we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our stakeholders while adhering to the highest standards of environmental and social governance.

Empowering Progress: Our Mining Operations in Ghana

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Our Vision and Values

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We uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior in every action we take, ensuring transparency and fairness in all our dealings.


We commit to the well-being of our environment and communities, making responsible decisions that prioritize sustainability and ecological care.

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We act as guardians of the resources entrusted to us, fostering a culture of respect and preservation for both natural and human assets.


Our strategy

Our strategy focuses on acquiring, developing, and sustainably managing premier gold assets in Ghana. Our aim is to produce dependable long-term revenue streams, positively impact the environment, and cultivate workplaces where individuals can flourish.


Aligned with our dedication to owning and operating high-quality assets, Star Goldfields concentrates on sustainable, long-term operations and projects situated in the most promising and prolific gold-producing regions of Ghana.


Our investors are keen to understand our contributions to a sustainable society. There's a robust belief that a strong contribution indicates effective management of our company. 


Our core purpose and values are underscored by our dedication to community engagement and environmental stewardship. By surpassing legal and industry standards, we secure our social license to operate sustainably and responsibly.

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ESG Commitments


We recognize the environmental impact of mining, both through the direct need for land and water, and indirectly through necessary mining infrastructure. Our environmental controls and procedures allow us to proactively manage these risks, ensuring compliance and fulfilling our voluntary commitments. Our efforts include fostering a strong environmental stewardship culture, efficient water use, biodiversity planning, enhanced energy efficiency to reduce costs and emissions, responsible waste and tailings management aimed at zero harm, continuous monitoring with adaptive responses, and positively impacting the surrounding communities' environment.


To be a valued and successful neighbor, it is essential that we engage fully with our host communities. This requires a deep understanding of their expectations for our role, both now and in the future, ensuring we consistently contribute positively. We achieve this by creating direct local employment opportunities, supporting local businesses through our procurement of goods and services, and launching community development and investment initiatives.


Our policies, management systems, and processes are designed to uphold our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. Our corporate governance practices across all management levels are guided by the British Standard in Governance model, ensuring direction, accountability, and control within the company. This framework enables us to deliver our purpose in alignment with our business values, establish a strategic foundation that clearly outlines our goals, and maintain control through rigorous reporting obligations and strategic decision-making.
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